Rapunzel longs to experience the world outside. After ten years of imprisonment under the care of her well-meaning great aunt, the monotony of her life is finally broken when a handsome young man named Brendan climbs into her tower. But when Granny Aunt finds out, she forbids him to visit Rapunzel. Even though Brendan continues to call her from the base of her tower, Rapunzel refuses to acknowledge him, confused and caught between her loyalty to Granny Aunt and her desire for more out of life.

When neither Granny Aunt nor Brendan show up for several weeks, Rapunzel realizes she must take her fate into her own hands. She leaves her tower to search not only for Granny Aunt, but Brendan, as well.

In the city, she finds Granny Aunt on her sickbed. Rapunzel must discover within herself a new kind of courage and inner strength. City life is astounding to her, and even as she continues to search for the man she loves, she begins to wonder what secrets he kept from her. Outside the city, a brewing war threatens the new life she's built. She still can’t find Brendan, and the once-lonely Rapunzel now realizes her new friends are at risk, too.

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