The Sketchbook Project 2013

Never heard of The Sketchbook Project? This is my first year hearing about it, and it's pretty neat.

Participating artists (or, actually, anyone!) from all over the world are sent a blank sketchbook--and you just fill it up!

Then you return the sketchbook and it becomes part of a traveling library of artists' books.

Want more information? Check out their website!

The Sketchbook Project

I've chosen the theme "Dinosaurs" for my sketchbook. I'll be posting some of my in-progress work.

Triceratops Joust!

I had this idea about having medieval knights jousting on the backs of dinosaurs instead of horses. Here's an sketch:

And the most recent update, inked:

It's not finished yet. It needs a background, so still working on that.

Dinosaur Stole My Heart

Here's a cross-stitch I designed and made for the project. I'm going to frame it with the words "Dinosaur Stole My Heart" in my sketchbook--but not till later. Anything bulky in it now will making drawing difficult, I think. Isn't he cute?

The Latest News:

Well, the Sketchbook Project didn't work out for me this year. Having a baby kinda took over my life (big surprise, right?). I realized I had to set my priorities, and the Sketchbook Project just wasn't one of them. But even though I missed the deadline, I'll still planning on filling up the sketchbook with dinosaurs--eventually.