Jessica Kaye


Brandishing words as her weapon, Jessica Kaye is a storyteller.

In the forge of her passion for fiction, her stories flicker to life amid the raging battle between mania and depression. After years of cultivation, refinement, and just-plain-stubbornness, they are released into the world as novels. Each is a journey taken by tenacious characters fighting to declare their existence even as they change their world. 

She hopes to spark inspiration in the wick of another's heart, perhaps awakening their own sleeping story. Or, at the very least, offer a few hours of entertainment.

Jessica Kaye is the mother of four books and two fantastic children. 

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For legal purposes, Jessica's children have insisted on including the following disclaimer:

Do not trust Jessica with a sword. You will be putting her life and the lives of others at risk. For the rest of your existence you will be consumed with guilt and tormented by brutal flashbacks of the destruction you will bring down upon us all. 

Have a nice day!