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Great news!

Stag Beetle Books picked up my next novel for publication, a YA fantasy titled "Beyond The Wall." My book will likely come out in April! 

Operatives Attract

Dean is an operative for the Overlord. Tara is the agent hunting him. In second period physics, they're lab partners.

Neither knows the other's secret identity.

Tara keeps thwarting Dean’s plans to help his uncle take over the city. To stay the Overlord's right-hand-man, Dean needs to do more than swipe jewels and vandalize buses. His assignment to kidnap a lead scientist from the Agency is his opportunity to prove himself. But Tara will do whatever it takes to stop him.

When Dean discovers Tara and his sworn enemy are the same person, he must keep his date to the dance from catching him. If he fails, the girl he loves will throw him in jail—or the Overlord will make him “disappear.”

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Rapunzel longs to experience the world outside. After ten years of imprisonment under the care of her great aunt, the monotony of her life is finally broken when a handsome young man named Brendan climbs into her tower. And over time, they—of course—fall in love.

Then her great aunt finds out.

When neither her great aunt nor Brendan return for weeks, she cuts her hair and rescues herself from the tower. All alone, she sets out to find the man she loves, and in the process finds herself. 

In Jessica Kaye's Rapunzel, the fabled long-haired girl cuts her hair and leaves her tower to search for her lost prince. Along the way, she finds the life she always wanted—and ends up saving a kingdom in the process.

But what was the prince doing while Rapunzel was rescuing herself? The parallel novel Rapunzel's Prince tells us all about his adventures in dodging assassins, escaping rebellions, and navigating political treachery as he searches the world for the girl with impossibly long hair.