All of my sculptures were made with the same process, a wire armature bulked out with tin foil, covered in a Super Scupley skin, and painted with acrylic. None of these sculptures were made for commission or have been sold, they were just for fun! ....Though I am very willing to work on commission, FYI.

Panda and Chinese Take-Out

This was my very first (successful) sculpture. It's the only one that I would never sell, because it's technically not mine--I made it for my then-fiance-now-husband.

The Banana

This little guy is my smallest sculpture, and probably the easiest one to make. The biggest challenge was getting the painting right--which is why I included close-ups, so you can bask in the glorious detail!


The most time-consuming part was texturing all that fur. I actually enjoyed it, it was rather relaxing...but you'll notice I haven't done any other "furry" sculptures in a while.

Lava Rock Monster

This guy was a complete experiment. I wanted to see if I could make it look like there was glowing lava between the plates of his skin. Spray painted the whole thing traffic-cone orange, then painted black over the plates (the grooves and gaps of which I have already carved out--way worse than fur!). He's a favorite of almost every kid who's seen him.

Waiting for the Bus

I honestly don't remember the inspiration for my rhino. I just felt like making something whimsical. This is my largest sculpture.


And here's my newest addition! For some reason, I have no trouble painting all those spots, but the face kept tripping me up. He was "almost finished" for months before I finally got the face to look... well, not prefect, but acceptable.