What's New

4/17/2023 - I'm out and about again, this time at the Blueberry Festival on April 22nd in downtown Avon Park, 10am-4pm. I'll be selling all three of my books (as well as some crafts). Come get your signed copy!

Want to know why I have a tiger here? Read Operatives Attract!

2/2/2023 - Thank you to everyone who came out to see me at the Fusion Fest last week! I had a great time, sold some books, and met some amazing new people. I even sold of copy of my first novella, Rapunzel. I'm thinking about setting up at the Blueberry Festival in April, too. See you then!

1/24/2023 - ATTENTION! I will be signing books at the Fusion Fest in Avon Park (Florida) this Saturday, 10am-4pm. It should be tons of fun, come check it out and get your book signed.

1/5/2023 - I'm about halfway through editing my next novel, currently entitled: Beyond The Wall

"Oh no!" you think. "The" in a title is supposed to start with a lowercase "t." And this is an author? How embarrassing!

Let me assure you, dear reader, that this is on purpose. I'll explain in my next update.

Here's a completely unrelated picture of a pug to tide you over till next time:

pug drawn in ink pen

1/14/2023 - Represented by a thick black line on any map of Daxia's world, The Wall is five stories high and almost as thick. It has stood for generations, protecting the civilized people from the horrors beyond it. No one knew who built The Wall, or even how.

And Daxia is about to leave its safety. For the sake of her sister.

Want to know more? Send me an email. JessicaKaye@JessicaKaye.net I'm always looking for a fresh set of eyes to give me feedback on my novel.

Do you like snakes? Here's one of mine, embroidered. Does it have anything to do with the book? No. I just like it.